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Floral Heaven at Fernwood Farm

Owning and residing at Fernwood Farm in Gilmanton, NH seems to have been meant to be. Says owner Paula Gilman, “This property has been in my family for over 100 years, but to actually purchase this one parcel was nearly a 40 year quest. For nearly 40 years I owned 1/25 of the parcel of land. Finally, I purchased it from extended family on February 29, 2000. If it had not been Leap Year it would have been March 1, 2000, the date of my Grandmother’s birthday and this was her land. After clearing the land and building my home, I moved in on April 6, 2012. Then started the process of reclaiming the former hayfields with the help of a NRCS Grant. (Natural Resources Conservation Services.”

Paula’s original intent was to create a cut flower farm, and she also considered hosting weddings on the site and actually hosted one wedding, “but in 2011 I put my entire farm into a Conservation Easement. According to the Easement they considered hosting events a commercial venture and I am only allowed to do agriculture on my land.

wedding bouquet

“I opted to simply grow flowers and offer them to brides. Currently, I am a paralegal by day and a farmer nights and weekends! A childhood friend, Thomie Dombrowski, is an integral part of my farm now.”

With one acre of gardens, brides can find oh so many flowers to choose from. Says Paula, “Peonies are our signature flower and they are available from early to late June. We have over 50 varieties to choose from in colors of white, pink, red, coral and we recently added yellow. Other signature flowers are dahlias, glads, hydrangeas, sunflowers and zinnias. In addition, we have many varieties of herbs. In total, we grow over 50 different varieties of annual flowers and are steadily increasing our perennial beds.”

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