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Most abundant bridal bouquets use 40 – 50 stems; 
Quart mason jars need 20 -30 stems to look full;
Small jelly jars need 10 – 12 stems;
Large arrangements, obviously, will require more stems and they will have to be longer as well;
Boutonnieres and corsages require at least 3-5 stems, some corsages may use more.  You can use little bits left over from larger pieces, but you will still need at least one main flower for each boutonniere or corsage. 

Most flowers peonies, dahlias and sunflowers are sold in bunches of five stems.  Small filler flowers and foliage may be sold as Field Flowers by the bucket and won’t be a specific number of stems, but will be bunched by volume. 

Your best strategy for calculating how many flowers to buy is to experiment with similar sized flowers in the containers you plan to use at the wedding.  Count the number of large, focal flowers, the number of smaller flowers, and the number of stems of greenery.  Buy 20% extra in each category in case some get damaged in transit or while you are arranging them.  It’s much better to have a few too many flowers than not enough.

The above recommendations for how many flowers you need come from the incredible bookFresh From the Field – Wedding Flowers – An Illustrated Guide to Using Local and Sustainable Flowers for  your Wedding’.  This beautifully written book by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein, who are both members of Association of Specialty Cut Flowers (ASCFG), is written to make it easy for you to use local flowers in your wedding. 

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