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Doing your own wedding flowers is easy and economical. When you buy directly from us you save money. Ordering directly saves you 50 - 70% off retail prices. Not only is this a great price, but the flowers are picked fresh the day you pick them up~!

Field flowers and foliage are by the bucket for $85.00 per bucket. Field flowers come in a 2- gallon bucket and will not be a specific number of stems, but are by volume. Some specific varieties of large, premium flowers such as Dahlias, Hydrangeas, Lilacs, Lisianthus and Sunflowers may be ordered by a standard 5-stem bunch.

The average wedding expenditure usually ranges from $300 - $800. A $100 non-refundable booking fee is required for your wedding orders and is deducted from your total amount due.

Our buckets of field flowers are only available during our peak growing season, June through September. Every month we have something different to offer. Due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature, we cannot guarantee specific flowers for specific dates. Our brides should be very flexible with their vision and open to a rainbow of colors.

With DIY bulk flowers, you will be responsible for picking out the types and number of flowers you need. We suggest you come to the farm at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding to see what is available. Refer to our “How Many Flowers Do I Need?” document to help you determine how many flowers you will need.

Since we will not be designing for you, we do not offer complimentary consultations to customers who are purchasing bulk flowers and foliage. When picking up your flowers you must bring your own CLEAN buckets. Flowers do not like dirty water~! Dirty containers will cause bacteria to log the water pores in the stems and the flowers will not open or may even wilt.

If you prefer to RENT our buckets, there is a $20.00 per bucket rental fee. Buckets must be returned within one week from pickup. Simply write out a separate check for the deposit amount and when the buckets are returned we shred your check.

All our flowers are organically and sustainably grown using only compost and organic amendments. We NEVER use pesticides as they are harmful to our honeybees, native pollinators, pets, our guests and ourselves.

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