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Do you supply the buckets? No we do not supply the buckets. You are responsible for bringing CLEAN buckets that have been washed thoroughly to transfer your flowers into. Dirty water KILLS flowers. We pick in 2-gallon buckets. We will let you know how many buckets to bring.

How many stems come in a bucket?  We never count stems, it is all about the amazing mass of flowers, but we would guess somewhere in the 80 stem range.

Do I need to refrigerate them? DO NOT put flowers in a refrigerator with vegetables as the flowers will be exposed to ethylene gas and it will kill your flowers. Keep them in a shady place away from pets. An air conditioned room is good or a cool basement out of direct sunlight. Our flowers are picked fresh, and as long as they stay in water they'll last 7-10 days.

Do you deliver?  No we do not deliver.

When should I get my flowers?  Pick up for Saturday/Sunday events/weddings is Thursday afternoon at the Farm.

Will the flowers fit in my car?  That depends on how many buckets of flowers you're getting and how big and how full of other supplies your car is. Three buckets fill up a back seat. We recommend you do not have other supplies in your vehicle when picking up flowers. Flowers do not like being squished. Make sure your vehicle has air conditioning. Flowers should never be in the back of an open pickup truck.

How many arrangements can I make out of each bucket?  Container sizes and styles of arranging vary so much. If you are using mason jars, you can probably make 7-10 quart jars out of each bucket. 

When are the flowers available? In June, July, August, and September, we sell buckets of our Field Flowers for your designing pleasure. These come in 2-gallon buckets and include lots of gorgeous focal flowers and plenty of textural accents, herbs, and greenery to round out your arrangements. 

Why buy in buckets? Buckets are the best choice if you plan to arrange your own centerpieces and/or bouquets and are very flexible about your vision. They are especially great for backyard or barn weddings as they have a more casual feel.

Can you guarantee availability of a certain flower? Buckets of Field Flowers are spontaneous and seasonal. We cannot guarantee to include certain flowers or certain stem counts in the bulk flower bucket option. Remember, Mother Nature Rules.

Do I have a choice of colors? We can do bulk Field Flower buckets in all one color or mixed colors. Local flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate New Hampshire and support local business. Bulk flowers do not come with free design help.


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