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Congratulations on your engagement~!! Here is a list of items we have found to be helpful to couples who have decided to purchase flowers directly from Fernwood Farm and do their own arrangements. 

To reserve your flowers, we require payment in advance of $100.00.  This payment is non-refundable, but will be deducted from your total bill when you pick up your flowers.   Our minimum for purchasing flowers as a special order is $150.00.

Fernwood Farm offers bulk flowers and foliage for our DIY brides.  You choose flowers and colors here at the farm then create your own designs.  The best time to come to the farm is two weeks before your wedding. 

Once you decide on containers, make a mockup arrangement so you get a sense of about how many stems you will need for each one.  Kindly refer to our “How Many Flowers Will I Need” document to estimate how many stems you will need and plan on purchasing 20% extra in case of breakage or last minute additions.   It is easier to have a little too much than a little too few~!!

Your budget and plans will determine which flowers you choose.  For example, zinnias are significantly less per stem than dahlias and much the same shape and colors.  Don’t forget to consider herbs and foliage as well.  If you have a very limited budget, we recommend small containers and an airy arrangement.  Two weeks prior to your wedding, we can give you more accurate availability and estimate your order.  When you pick up your flowers at the farm, we will have extra flowers available in case you want to add or change things here. 

Pick up for Saturday/Sunday weddings is Thursday afternoon at the farm.  When picking up your flowers you must bring clean 5 gallon containers or other clean containers at least 12 inches tall to transport your flowers.  You will need one bucket for every 25 – 40 stems.  The buckets must be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly ahead of time with a good detergent followed by a clear water rinse and dried.  Dirty containers will cause bacteria to clog the water pores in the stems and the flowers will not open or may even wilt. 

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