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cut flowers

At Fernwood Farm we grow and sell Specialty Cut Flowers, Edible Flowers, and Herbs.  We NEVER use pesticides.  Our flowers are safe for our family, guests, workers, and pets to be around.  Because we never use pesticides, we have an abundance of native wildlife, birds, butterflies, wildflowers, and beneficial insects which enhance the beauty and natural setting of the Farm.  We believe in growing only the freshest, most beautiful flowers while sustaining our farm, soil, and the environment.  We have the freshest flowers available.  Sustainable and locally grown flowers are available by the stem or by the bucket.  Using our Organic flowers, you can create a look that is not only unique & beautiful…..but edible as well.  Create your own arrangements or let Fernwood Farm do the work.

We have over 500 peonies in shades of white, pink, coral, and red for you to choose from for your bridal bouquet, shower or to brighten your home during June.  We also have iris, cosmos, daylilies, lavender, gooseneck loosestrife, dahlias, gladiolas, sunflowers and zinnias to name a few of our Specialty Cut Flowers.  Our variety of edible flowers and edible herbs will make a delightful and delicious addition to any bouquet for any occasion.  

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